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The Impact of Kindness

Posted by A Write to my Voice on March 20, 2009

“Forget injuries. Never forget kindness.” Chinese Proverb

An act of kindness never goes without it having some impact on the recipient. During those years I lived on the street, there were a number of people who reached out to me and whose thoughtful actions, I have never forgotten.

One such person was a bank manager. I walked into a Royal Bank, completely stoned and asked to speak to the manager. He came out of his office dressed in a three piece suit, looking so professional. I, on the other hand, wore tattered faded jeans and a short sleeve tee, extremely thin, dark track marks from the needles running along the inside of my arms, the pupils in my eyes wide, like green smarties. Regardless of what he saw when he looked at me, this man treated me with respect. Ushering me into his office, he asked how he could help me. Feeling a bit sheepish, I asked for a $100 loan.

I can still see him, – standing up, reaching into his pocket, pulling out his wallet and handing me the money. I promised to pay him back and I did. When I got my cheque, I went back to see him and paid him the $100.
That became a monthly ritual for the two of us. Mid-month, I went to see him, asked for a loan and just as he did that first time, he always handed me the money, no questions asked. At the beginning of every month, I went to pay him back until I ended up in the hospital. I never saw him again after that.

I don’t know why he did what he did, but I have never forgotten his act of kindness, his generosity or his acceptance. He impacted me and helped to shape who I am today.

God’s angels. I want to be like that bank manager. He taught me a valuable lesson. In my world, at that time, I had experienced no kindness, only brutality. It was not the $100 he gave me, but the lesson, – that every human being has worth. I have never forgotten him nor his act of kindness.

I want to be like that bank manger to whoever is put along my path. I want to convey what he had shown me; – each person has worth. We are all made in God’s image. I have learned that just simply by looking at someone’s outward appearance, we don’t know what has happened or is happening in their lives. To walk in gentleness, to move in love and be His vessel to bring about peace and healing is my deepest longing.


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